Top Oddball News of 2015

cat in tree

Want to know the top oddball news of 2015? You will find some of them funny and hilarious while others will be so absurd, almost beyond belief. Do you have any oddball news that you would like to share? We would love to hear them. However, here are the ones we were able to find.

Hanging Precariously

In England, two students who attended Nottingham Trent University as freshmen saw an unusual sight while walking through their University campus on an early morning. They saw a man trying to enter one of the buildings via one of the windows. His legs, though, were caught in the window and he was left hanging in a precarious position – upside down. His rear end was exposed to the outside. The two students spoke to the man, but while photographing and making a video of him. Afterwards, the students called for emergency service. Firefighters and policemen came on the scene once the call was received. However, they, too, took pictures of the man before they rescued him. Once rescued, the man told the responders that he hung in the same position for about five hours – prior to being found by the students.

Repossessed Getaway Vehicle

At Walmart, a 25 year old Illinois man was seen putting some electronic goods into his shopping cart. He left the store without making a payment for the items. When he was stopped by employees in the store, he ran away, leaving the merchandise behind. He was arrested later by the police while walking down the street nearby. When the cops asked why he was walking and not driving, he told them that his car was repossessed while he was shopping at Walmart. Apparently, when he tried to run away, after being confronted by employees for taking the merchandise, he could not find his car. There was a repossession company that had tracked him down and followed him to Walmart. He did not know that the company had towed his car when he went into the store. He had no option, but to walk on foot, even after he fled the scene. For that reason, it was easy for the police to find him walking.

The Horse and the Bathtub

It is not a strange occurrence for livestock owners to use an old bathtub as an animal feeding trough. In California, a livestock owner of a 30 year old horse used an old bathtub for a feeding trough. The horse, however, fell and got stuck in the bathtub for more than twenty minutes with feet up in the air. At first, the dispatcher thought that it was a human stuck in the bathtub when 911 was called. Firefighters came to the rescue.

Cat Gave Birth in Tree

In Ireland, a cat gave birth to its litter in a bird nest, which was approximately eight feet from the ground. The stray cat got up in the tree, which was not uncommon. The cat, however, went into the bird nest for comfort. She gave birth to four kittens. A concerned resident rescued the kittens and brought them safely down.


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