Odd News Stories Difficult to Believe

fork in the road

There are many odd news stories every day that appear to be fascinating for readers. However, many of them seem to be unbelievable, too good to be true. It is hard to understand how so many individuals get into certain of these situations that are bizarre and almost unreal. However, for many others, these news stories are very entertaining and it probably makes the reader feel superior to the person in the news stories. Below are several of these odd news stories that are just too good to be true, but they are indeed so.

Vehicle Landing on Roof

In California, for example, someone stole a vehicle and drove it to a local community where the vehicle landed on one of the neighbor’s roof. Apparently, the vehicle was driving too fast to control and made contact with a tree stump, resulting in the vehicle being launched into the air and landing on the roof of the house. The residents were in the house during the incident, but it was reported that no one received any serious injuries as a result of the accident. A towing company subsequently removed the vehicle with a crane. It is said that the driver of the stolen vehicle fled the accident scene, but was later arrested that same night while at his girlfriend’s home.

Fork in the Road

In the same state of California, it was reported that some motorists came upon a fork in the road while driving. How did the fork get in the road? It is said that a sixty two year old retired teacher constructed a six foot high fork in the intersection of two roads. The teacher was inspired by the most current Muppet movie. In the movie, the Muppets discovered a huge silverware fork as they were searching for a fork in the road. The city crew did remove the artifact the next day. Residents, in opposition to the moving of the fork, began to tape up forks all over city signs, but a city spokesperson clarified that this was a code violation.

The Woman and the Fake Tortoise

An English woman discovered a tortoise in her garden. The tortoise was five inches long. She found the tortoise to be cute so you know what she did? She tried to feed the tortoise inside of her house. It is reported that the tortoise would not bite the lettuce she fed it, so she called the wildlife rescue organization for assistance. When the rescue professional arrived at the woman’s home and took up the turtle, it is said that he found “made in China” painted on the animal. Moss covered the tortoise, indicating that it was a fake tortoise that had been in the woman’s garden for a long period of time.

Collecting Unearned Money

At 65 years old, a civil servant of German descent had his job eliminated. After that, he sent an email to one of his colleagues, boasting that within 14 years of working, he hadn’t actually done any work for the city. Instead, another colleague that the city had hired had done his job and in the process, the city had forgotten to stop sending him paychecks. So for 14 years, the man collected a total of US$980,000.

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