Flex Loans 101

flex loans

Wondering what to do if you are poor at the moment and need a loan? We’ve all been there. Ever heard of a flex loan? We have. So, what are flex loans? In a nutshell, flex loans can get you the cash you need and the flexibility to pay it back as quickly or as slowly as you can. Do not mistake flex loans with payday loans, they are quite different. Read on to find out more about flex loans and how to secure one.

How Much Can I Get?

Flex loan amounts vary among lenders, but typically you can expect to borrow anywhere from as low as $25 all the way up to several thousand. For more information, visit AF247.

How Does It Work?

Think of a flex loan as more of a credit line and you’ll be on the right track. Once you establish with a flex loan lender how much you qualify for, you can withdraw the cash anytime you want. The bonus is you have several options to pay it back. All you need to secure a flex loan is a government-issued, photo ID; a vehicle title that is free and clear if you want to use that as collateral; proof of income; and a bank account.


If you take out a flex loan, you will be given a scheduled payment plan. What do you do if you feel too poor to pay the whole amount? You simply pay the minimum amount due, which is the interest rate and fees. If you’re feeling a bit more flush, you can pay an additional amount and reduce the balance of the loan faster. If you pay off the loan in one lump sum you can save all the interest payments and satisfy the loan penalty free! The true beauty of a flex loan is that it garners no late fees. You pay your balance down and you can take out more cash from your credit limit—it’s a pretty easy process. In addition, should you want to take out more money when you’ve paid off the loan, most lenders will keep your credit line open. Interest rates vary according to the amount of the loan, and different states offer different terms. If you’re interested in a flex loan, make sure you find out exactly what your interest rate will be so you don’t have any surprises!


A flex loan could be your answer if you need money fast and you want options when you pay it back. Once your loan is approved, you can usually get funding the next business day, which can really help if you’re poor and find yourself in a financial crisis. You won’t need perfect credit to secure a flex loan, and many companies offer online applications, making it even easier to get one. Now that you know what flex loans are, explore the different companies from which you can get one; here’s a good place to start: Flexible Credit.

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