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‘Desert Bus’— Torturous & Infamous Driving Game Getting Ready To Be VR-Compatible Sequel

destert bus

destert bus

Remember the sci-fi movies Inception or The Matrix, where the lead roles enter the virtual world to fight against the evil. Now imagine, if you get a chance to enter the virtual world with all your senses intact, meaning you can hear, see, touch, smell, and even feel the things around you, how will you react?


Until now, the simulated reality had just been a fiction and only confined to the world of novels or movies, but with the infamous game Desert Bus, which was released in 1995 by the famous American entertainer and illusionists Penn Jillette and Teller, the fiction is very soon going to convert into the reality for the mass.


The Gearbox software co-founder Randy Pitchford and Jillette of Desert Bus are working together to bring the game on this new podium in upcoming years. The main idea behind the new version is to raise money for the charities. Over the past nine years, Desert Bus has already raised the money, worth $3.1 million for the child play charity.


Why is the Desert Bus so infamous?


If you are a game freak and never lose any opportunity to show your expertise in drive game, Desert Bus must have been within your figures many times. Of course, it is boring, but those who have played it know how addictive it is?


It is a driving game where you have to cover the distance of Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada in approximately 8 hours. The worst part is the maximum speed, which cannot exceed more than 45 miles/hour, while the major catch is that you have to complete the whole journey within real time, where you have to exhaust all your stamina, concentration to finish the single leap, otherwise your bus engine may stall or slip, and you have to start afresh to cover the distance as your bus will be towed back to the start point.


The Bus tends to incline toward right every time so if within 8 hours you lose the control of steering even for a second, your whole effort will go in vain. The problem is, you are alone in the journey, which means there are no virtual passengers with whom you can chat or no traffic light to give you a halt for some second. You have to drive continuously until you reach Las Vegas. The terrific part is, the game has no pause button, so forget about taking a gap and doing other work. If you want to win the game, you have to be in the game to its end. The game is a real villain because there is no change of sight scene.


For the whole journey, the only scenery you will face is the old sand-pocked road or road sign here and there. The costly part is, for every completion of the game, you earn a single point, so if you want to score high, you have to play the game again and again.


Interesting facts about the game


Did you know the game was released first as a satire against the media’s anti-video-game lobby? The game was designed, developed and released to educate students on how to concentrate? The the road in the game is quite long and boring and there is no option to pause. The only mantra to win the game is to concentrate and be conscious.


Penn Jillette has announced in the recent Penn Sunday Podcast that this team is working on a couple of other games as a bundle to launch on the VR platform. The talk is going on and probably the launch will be on the Oculus Rift and Playstation in the VR format. The wait is going to be crazy for the hard-core fans of Dessert Bus, but definitely will be worthwhile en-route.